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Jasmine – Jasminum grandiflorum


Regarded as the “King of Flowers,” Jasmine is prized for its highly fragrant aroma and ability to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and promote a healthy-looking, glowing complexion.

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EMOTIONAL: (From Emotions Book 7th Ed) Jasmine – the Oil of Sexual Purity and Balance
Jasmine nurtures healthy sexuality, and helps to balance sexual forces. It may also arouse dormant passions – assisting us to regain interest in the sexual experience. Jasmine cultivates positive experiences within intimate relationships by encouraging the purification of unhealthy sexual intentions and motivations. It asks us to honor and respect to ourselves and others.
Jasmine encourages the release of past sexual trauma. Through its gentle purifying nature, Jasmine brings forward unresolved sexual experiences and facilitates the healing process. Traumatic experiences can distort one’s relationship with sexuality. Jasmine can assist both kinds of common compensations: those who fear, repel, or resist the sexual experience, as well as those who obsess over, or are fixated on sexuality. It is balancing for those who use sex to fulfill a desperate need for love and approval, as well as individuals who resist sexual intimacy.
Jasmine supports the resolution of sexual trauma, encourages safety within intimate relationships, and invites only the purest intentions to the sexual experience.
Negative emotions: Unresolved sexual trauma, sexual repression, sexual fixation Positive properties: Healthy sexuaity, pure intentions, innocent, healing, self-acceptance, intimate, trust, safe
Companion oils: Cinnamon, Neroli Aromatic use: inhale from bottle, diffuse, place drops in hands, rub together – inhale! 2 drops over sacral chakra (lower stomach), lower back and behind the ears.

  • Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections
  • Uplifts mood
  • Promotes a healthy-looking, glowing complexion
  • Apply to bottoms of feet and pulse points in the morning to uplift mood
  • Can be used as a personal fragrance
  • Apply to skin imperfections twice daily
  • Apply topically to moisturize skin.
  • Rub into skin for a soothing, relaxing massage.
  • Add to skincare routine for a radiant complexion.
  • Apply to wrists and neck for a unique personal fragrance.
  • Use topically after a shower for a relaxing, balancing fragrance.

Research has shown that Jasmine can assist with reducing anxious and sad feelings, easing ulcers, maintaining healthy blood pressure, and uplifting mood.

Reducing anxious and sad feelings:

Easing ulcers:

Maintaining healthy blood pressure:

Experience the esteemed fragrance and the myriad benefits of Jasmine oil in a convenient roll-on. Jasmine Touch combines Fractionated Coconut Oil and Jasmine absolute for gentle application and multiple uses. Jasmine Touch can be applied to pulse points for a calming, yet euphoric aroma that uplifts mood and promotes a positive outlook. Renowned for its skin benefits, Jasmine Touch can help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and promotes a healthy-looking, glowing complexion. Regarded as the “King of Flowers,” Jasmine is prized for its highly fragrant aroma, making Jasmine Touch ideal to use as a personal fragrance throughout the day.


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