Anti aging blend – the oil of spiritual insight

Ingredients: Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh, Helichrysum, Rose. Aromatic Description: Woody, spicy, rich, fresh.

This blend is amazing for eliminating age spots — brown — even dark brown — keep applying — This blend helps skin cells to remember how to be perfect and very young. Growing older doesn’t mean growing less attractive. There are many ways to care for your health and skin, remaining vital and beautiful for a lifetime. Immortelle is also good for stretch marks & scarring.
This Blend of oils stimulates and regenerates the production of healthy skin cells quickly following burns, sun damage, or healing of wounds. These Essential oils soothe sensitive, delicate and inflamed skin. Balance over or under active skin by regulating sebaceous secretions. This blend can greatly reduce bacteria and fungal infections, as well as other related skin problems. These oils promote the release and removal of metabolic wastes that block oxygenation and can increase aging.

☆ Emotions ☆

Negative Emotions addressed: Dark night of the Soul, spiritual blindness, burdened, discouraged. Positive properties: hope, spiritual transformation, faith, trust in the Divine, higher consciousness, stillness.

Essential oils have been used since antiquity to assist meditation practices, prayer and spiritual worship. It combines the power of high vibrational oils alongside grounding oils to assist the connection between spirit and body, heaven and earth. This blend encourages positive states of being and supports the development of faith, hope, gratitude, kindness, love, patience and trust in the Divine.

Immortelle is a wonderful aid for meditation as it quiets the mind, fosters inner stillness and encourages spiritual growth. While this oil is gentle, it is also very powerful. It assists in the release of negativity, darkness and limiting perceptions. Anti-aging blend can mitigate spiritual blindness and other spiritual issues by offering profound light to individuals. It offers grace and comfort when one feels discouraged or distressed. This oil can assist us  in transcending the darkness, pain and stresses of life.  At its core, anti-aging blend offer support in raising levels of human consciousness and preparing us for new heights of spiritual transformation. ♡

Anti-Aging Blend – The Anti-Aging Blend is used topically on the face, neck and décolletage to promote healthy skin, reduce the appearance of blemishes, and reduce contributing factors to the appearance of aging skin. It is used to renew, beautify, protect and nourish the skin, help sustain smoother and more radiant skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also used to soothe skin after a long day in the sun. ♡

Immortelle Essential Oil Blend 10 mL Part Number: 60205381 Wholesale: 89.25 CAD Retail: $119.00 CAD

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