Cassia – Cassia is a fragrant spice oil used to promote healthy immune, cardiovascular, and digestive function and to protect against seasonal threats. It is calming, soothing, and uplifting and is used to promote emotional well-being. It is also warming to the skin and can be used in massage when diluted. Cassia is used to support hydration and as a popular spice in cooking, both on its own and as a substitute for cinnamon.

~ Living Unashamed ~ Cassia help dispel fear and replaces it with assurance. In situations where some would avoid attention, but instinctively knows they should not hold back or try and hide, Cassia helps restore confidence, courage and stamina!

Unveiling our brilliance, and challenges us to try even in the fear of making a mistake. Showing us we are valued and authentic and unique – just like God made us.  Cassia is an excellent oil for Addiction Recovery. Inhale or use internally to curb cravings and pattern disrupt the addictive thought & neuro-transmitter processes.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

•maintain physical health and promote emotional well-being
•promotes healthy digestion when used internally
•promotes a healthy immune function and cardiovascular health
•create an uplifting atmosphere that will promote emotional health when diffused
•assists to decrease cravings

How to Use:
Diffuse 3–4 drops to provide you with warm, uplifting feelings.
Internally in a capsule (careful – HOT!)

Because internal use of Cassia oil can help support healthy immune function, Cassia is a powerful commodity in protecting the body from seasonal threats.
To keep your body healthy throughout the year, take one to two drops of Cassia oil in a Veggie Capsule for added immune support when needed.
Relax and unwind from the day with a massage using Cassia oil. Combine one drop of Cassia oil with massage oil and massage into skin for a warming sensation. When applied topically, Cassia oil has the ability to help soothe the body and its aroma can help to uplift the senses


Research has shown that Cassia can assist with balancing blood sugar, combating certain bacterias and microorganisms, and promoting uterine contraction.

Assisting with balancing blood sugar:

Combating certain bacterias and microorganisms:

Promoting uterine contraction:
Bacteria (A, T)
Viruses (T, I)
Fungus (A, T)
Warming (T)
Digestion (I)
Cardiovascular System (T, I)
Mood (A, T)
Emotional Balance (A, T)
Calming (A, T)
Soothing (A, T)
Cooking: Beverages (I)
Cooking: Dessert (I)
Cooking: Dinner (I)
Cooking: Dip/Sauce (I)
Cooking: Snack (I)
Massage (T)
Hunger Pangs (T, I)
Gas (T, I)
Nausea (T, I)
Disinfecting (A, T)