Black Spruce

Black Spruce thrives in the cold, northern boreal forest. It is a member of the pine family and grows prolifically in the northern United States, Canada, and throughout the Artic. The bark is dark gray, thin, and scaly; the needles are blue-green and short. Black Spruce trees grow tall and thin, typically around 50 ft (15 m) tall with a truck of about 20 in (50 cm) in diameter, though some are as tall as 98 ft (30 m) with trunks 24 in (60 cm) in diameter. The optimal growing conditions of the boreal forest allow Black Spruce to grow and thrive from one generation to the next.

Black Spruce is mainly harvested for the lumber, pulp, and paper industries. The Forest Ministry has designed a forest management plan for harvesting Black Spruce. Working together, doTERRA and its key partner ensure that this plan is followed so that Black Spruce is harvested responsibly and sustainably. Once the Black Spruce timber has been harvested and hauled away, our key partner goes in to gather all of the branches and needles that were left behind using a grapple arm excavator. These leftover materials are then steam distilled for a powerful and beautiful essential oil.

Emotionally – Oil of Stability!

Grounding and stabilizing is what Spruce Oil is best at! In times of crisis, chock and trauma, use black spruce to stabilize & conserve energy – producing endurance and regaining a healthy body rhythm.

Black Spruce is our great ally when dealing with fear. It can very well be subconscious or generationally instilled fear in our DNA memory.

Use when: you know you are dealing with over striving, adrenal/nervous exhaustion, stress, feeling disconnected (“missing out”), hormonally induced skin outbreaks, to balance hypothalamus, pituitary & thymus glands. Also with; stress induced short or long term memory loss / dementia / alzheimer’s. Insatiable eating due to anxious feelings. With chronic pain in joints, or low testosterone, after surgery, cancer or in scar-healing.

Emotional “state change” Go from halted – to Acclaimed!

  • Add to carrier oil and massage into problem areas for a soothing massage, and emotional balance. (pulse points on wrists, neck, between eyebrows, base of skull, lower back, sternum right on heart chakra, behind knees, circle the ankles, and under the feet, on big toe for affecting head/brain/gland control center.
  • Massage into chest for an invigorating aroma, and opening airways.
  • Apply to legs before or after exercising for an energizing massage.
  • Diffuse three to four drops for a grounding, energizing aroma.

Aromatic Description: Balsamic, green, fruity, woody Main Chemical Components: Bornyl acetate, a-pinene, camphene, δ-3-carene

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