Warmly Welcome to Illuminated Wellness!

Are you searching for Help with Getting out of ‘the Rut’ – ‘the slump’ the ‘dead-end’ of declining Wellness?

Could there be better ways of Circuit-Breaking the Slow Decline of Health  & Well-being than what you are currently pursuing?

Since 1991, yours truly, Christina (Tina) Froese has worked in the natural wellness field, and emphatically – the answers to the above questions are a resounding YES!!

An Inspiration ZONE for Your BEST VERSION of Life is what I hope you will find here. Body-Mind-Spirit-Soul!

Here, I aim at helping you discover Simple ‘Hacks’ that fits into your Day, your Life and I’d like to think – support – that practically and prayerfully Builds Skills to actually FEEL BETTER!

Maybe even the Will-POWER!

Besides meeting me for Clinic treatments, I’m (currently) building up email series about my best tips on Exercise, Nutrition, Stretching, Strenght & Alignment, Emotional Health, Christian Prayer – and what God is saying about Wellness 🙌. (A lifelong learning).

Fabulous “AHA”-Moments are awaiting! BOTH Time Tested, and also Cool & Trendy ways to FEEL FABULOUS!!